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Ryerson Design Fabrication Zone
Ryerson Design Fabrication Zone...
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An Intervention in Ryerson's Student Campus Centre...

Within the past decade, the demand for student study and break space on campus at Ryerson University has ballooned beyond accommodation. An ever-increasing student population driven by the innovative and competitive degrees offered by the university are attracting self-driven students with entrepreneurial spirits. In an effort to revamp underutilized space on campus, the Student Campus Centre has been flagged as an ideal building for interior interventtion in order to make it a space that is truly positioned to address the academic and extracurricular needs of students, while also fostering a positive attitude for equity and mental health.

You are invited to design an intervention in the first floor atrium space (in front of the service counter) and basement space (in front of Copyrite) areas that begins to address how these spaces can be better used to meet the burgeoning needs of students on campus.


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