SAFE is Hiring - Now Pitch Us Yourself & Your Ideal Job!

We are growing in every way, but we only want awesome people that are the best at what they do. Pitch us what you'd do!

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May 20th 2017


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You will receive a Riipen rating and review from Safe Software for your work on SAFE is Hiring - Now Pitch Us Yourself & Your Ideal Job!.


Job Interview

The truth is, if you're awesome and have the skills to back it up, we'll make you fit and give you an opportunity to interview with us.


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Each submission will get a Riipen rating for the skills demonstrated in their submission!


Safe Software began in a basement in 1993. Our co-founders Don and Dale didn't start out with a business plan, but they did have a desire to help forestry companies exchange maps with the government.

Since then, Safe has grown to 140+ team members and 400+ partners worldwide. We've been on a mission to help people free their data ever since. We're continuing to expand what’s possible with FME, the data integration software with the best spatial support in the world.

FME helps organizations connect applications, transform data, and automate workflows - all from a powerful drag-and-drop interface.

Interested in joining our team? We're looking for developers, support specialists, and more.

So, just get right down to it. Pitch us on why we can't live without you!


Open to interpretation, but make it make sense. If you want to do Marketing, make sure it's creative and shows off a marketing skill. If you want to do Tech, make sure it's tech related and shows us you have some skills. If you think we need a traffic cop in our office to direct us where to go, send us a video with you in white gloves with a whistle.

Upload and submit your deliverable in whatever format you think will help you stand out.

  • PDF
  • Video
  • Link to GitHub
  • Links to personal websites/youtube pages
  • etc


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Safe Software


  • customer service
  • software development
  • web development
  • sales & marketing
  • business services
  • networking & information systems