Open Challenge - You run a Retail Company (IT Modernization)

Retail business operating with outdated technology. What factors should be considered when looking at new technologies?

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You run a growing clothing retail business that operates on outdated technology. Newer systems will help your organization stay competitive and be more efficient. But what factors should be considered when implementing new systems? What can be done to ensure that they operate effectively?

You are the CEO of “M.T. Wallet”, a clothing retailer that designs, manufactures and sells high-end clothing. You started as a traditional family business with simple bookkeeping methods. You have now grown to a multi-million dollar publicly traded company with 8 stores in the GVA. However, your existing IT systems are slow, outdated, and cannot support the growth of your business. To transform/modernize your business and its accounting practices, you would like to use more advanced IT systems for financial reporting.


Create a 5 - 7 slide PowerPoint deck outlining the key points that should be considered when planning a new financial system. Also outline the key business/financial processes which could be reliant on IT systems. Lastly, what controls would you implement to ensure that the system operates effectively?


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