Open Challenge - Tackling Network Congestion

Create a solution for network congestion due to traffic fluctuation.

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Mar 1st - Mar 31st 2017


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You will receive a Riipen rating and review from TELUS for your work on Open Challenge - Tackling Network Congestion.


Invitation to webinars and an exclusive networking session

Outstanding submissions will receive invitations to webinars and an exclusive networking session hosted by the Graduate Engineering Leadership Program (GELP). These sessions target high performing candidates for our technology co-op program and our new grad engineering program.


TELUS Toronto Innovation Centre Tour

Outstanding submissions will receive private tours of our Toronto Innovation Centre at 25 York Street.


The Case:

You are at a Beyoncé concert and you cannot start your Facebook live feed, because everyone at the concert is using their phone to share their experience on social media. Cellphones rely on sharing a wireless network to communicate with each other and the internet.

The wireless network provides mobile users with reliable and fast service wherever and whenever they are. In some locations, however, for example at a concert venue, traffic can vary drastically. Most of the time, the venue might be unoccupied. But for specific periods, such as before and after a concert, users are concentrated at a single location and need to use their services at the same time – causing network congestion. If wireless network capacity is built to accommodate these infrequent bursts in traffic, average utilization of this infrastructure will be low and service becomes too costly. Yet, speed and quality of service should always be ensured for customers.


Create a 2-3 slide presentation outlining your solution(s) mitigating the congestion problem while being cost effective. State any assumptions and justify your solution(s) and claim(s).


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