EyeLIVE Athlete Visual and Biometric Data Integration

Our company is designing media helmet to capture and broadcast live 360 video, audio and athlete biometric  data from the point of view of high performance athletes during their performance/race/ event.

Our specific system design challenge consists of taking heart rate sensor data from a wearable device attached to an athlete, and overlaying that data stream on a video data stream synchronized with an athlete's physical movement through space. The appropriate compression and protocol for streaming of the data can be explored based on the nature of the data.

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Weeks left

Mar 14th - Apr 14th 2017


Hour Estimate

Total Work



Riipen Rating and Review

You will receive a Riipen rating and review from EyeLIVE Media Inc. for your work on EyeLIVE Athlete Visual and Biometric Data Integration.


Contract or Full Time Employment

EyeLIVE will be seeking to hire engineering, marketing and business talent to roll out it's ambitious project goals for a possible 360 video broadcast test at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang Korea in less than a year, with a series of wireless network and broadcast companies.


The opportunity to work with our experienced team of advisers, on real world problems facing the digital broadcast coverage of the Olympics and other high performance sports teams and individuals.


Work placements are a possibility with a 12 month period.


Join us at our lab

Successful teams will be invited to our Lab at Brightlane, located in downtown Toronto.


Students will work with EyeLIVE Media to design and test a systems protocol to synchronize video and biometric data collected in real time from an athlete.

See: www.eye-live.net

This includes wireless protocol integration including both Wide Area ( LTE) Local Area ( WiFi, WiMax) and body area network ( Low Energy Bluetooth )


Students will research the topic, map out the potential solutions, identify technologies required and develop a plan to create a live demo to demonstrate the feasibility of a system to synchronize the video and sensor data in a single data stream.


EyeLIVE will provide guidance from our own engineering advisers and access to our own research thus far assembled.


organization name

EyeLIVE Media Inc.


  • design
  • systems design


  • electrical engineering
  • wireless protocol engineering


Toronto, ON, Canada