Help Accenture design a cloud based solution

A once in a generation opportunity to invest in ideas to lead, grow, support & promote the game of Rugby, by setting up the technology foundation required for a thriving future.


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Mar 13th - May 31st 2017


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Help Aces Rugby Club develop a technical foundation to realize its ambition of being a world leading sports organization. The club is faced with the following challenges:

Business Challenges:

· Fans attending and watching Rugby have dropped significantly at an alarming rate of 30 per cent in the last 4 years. In 2015, company posted an average figure of 26,000. In 2016, those numbers had dropped cross the board to 18,000.

· Ticketing system over the counter and website lacked transparency with inadequate customer tracking system.

· Ticketing Fees for premium sports had risen exponentially which have ushered them towards online sports.

· Management had limited visibility over customer data, their feedbacks and complaints. Viewer interactions are currently tracked on paper and are not currently linked to customer’s records. This limits the ability to personalize interactions with fans and restricts reporting.

· Competing with the success of the game on a world stage, making it hard to retain athletes, coaches and simultaneously increasing viewership and gain enhanced media attention.

· Challenged to be financially sustainable. The organization needs to become smarter by directing its investments into initiatives that will deliver more participants, fans, elite success and ultimately revenue

Technical Challenges:

· Some customer use online tickets, some use paper tickets, some have cards, and so on. So different systems capture different customers. Lack of centralized data and contact information as systems/tools being used across departments, without seamless data integration were limiting the various teams’ ability to construct a holistic 360 customer view.

· Present IT system is running on legacy CRM platform that increases overall overhead cost, leads to data loss and reduced productivity of day-to-day operations.

· Among the primary challenges is maintaining data security, privacy and reliability. Nothing is more important to the company than preserving the integrity of sensitive customer’s data.

· Leverage customer data, game data, social data and affiliate data to build for insight enabled analytics and make it available to drive engagement.

· Lack of self-service channels and appropriate content to allow stakeholders to access relevant information about their club, team or competitions.

· Technology is evolving at a rapid pace and state of the art systems are now available to organizations of all sizes. Developments in cloud computing, analytics, mobility, modular best-of-breed architecture, licensing models and delivery methods can deliver world class experiences at a reasonable price point that were not possible 5 years ago.


Come up with a plan to transform, address the challenges and capitalize on any opportunities so fans have a truly immersive experience as well as create new revenue streams.

Create and upload a 5 - 7 slide PowerPoint deck or a 2-3 page Word doc or a YouTube video outlining:

· Current State analyses

· Target State – Develop technology vision based on Cloud technology, Analytics etc. and its benefits to the client

· High level Technology and Implementation Roadmap - provide some ideas on how the implementation of the preferred solution should proceed

· Key risks of this implementation, as well as any processes/controls you would put in place to mitigate those risks. Consider both technology and business risks

· Include data and security controls

Accenture will be assessing participants’ ability to think creatively and future-forward, understand how companies use and benefit from cloud based solutions and present with clarity and confidence.


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