Help Accenture make Rugby a game for ALL

Give fans the power to connect with Rugby on their own terms – wherever they are, and whenever they want.


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Mar 13th - May 31st 2017


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Aces Rugby Club is faced with challenges to ensure the continuing relevance and success of the game they love. The club is far from being digital and are faced with the following challenges:

Business Challenges:

· Sports fans were becoming busier with less time for organized sports. Attendance and viewership was substantially declined that had impacted financial bottom-line.

· Need to formulate new strategies to bring newer audience to the game and engage with them to ignite the passion for the game.

· Ticketing Fees for premium sports is continuing to rise exponentially. Customers are increasingly looking to shift their interest from regular sports to online sports.

· Viewer interactions are currently tracked on paper and are not linked to customer’s records. This limits the ability to personalize interactions with fans and restricts reporting.

· Develop new formats of the game to encourage new entrants of the clubs and encourage diversity, particularly to appeal to more women.

· Competing with the success of the game on a world stage, making it hard to retain athletes and coaches. Considered as the most competitive sports market in the world, for participants, athletes, viewers and media attention.

· Find opportunities to generate revenue through its digital broadcasting rights.

Technical Challenges:

· New technologies is transforming the Fan-experience as people like to be engaged and interact digitally. They prefer watching the game on smartphones or handheld devices.

· Limited online visibility on social media such as Facebook which has only 2000 followers and very few regular updates, also less visibility on Twitter is hurting customer relationship.

· Technology investments have not kept pace. Engaging more through digital channels where Rugby has limited presence. Understanding exactly what rugby fans need to connect more meaningfully with the game.

· A scalable, technology enabled fan engagement platform using centralized technology stack that enables fan engagement world-wide

· Leverage customer data, game data, social data and affiliate data to build for insight enabled analytics and make it available to drive engagement

· Challenged to be financially sustainable. The organization needs to become smarter by directing its investments into initiatives that will deliver more participants, fans, elite success and ultimately revenue

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to reshape the game we love and hoping you will join in making it successful.


Come up with a plan to address the challenges and capitalize on any digital opportunities so fans have a truly immersive experience as well as create new revenue streams.

Create and upload a 5 - 7 slide PowerPoint deck or a 2-3 page word doc or a YouTube video outlining:

· Current State analyses

· Target State – Develop technology vision based on Cloud technology, mobile, analytics, augmented reality etc. which would drive increased participation and awareness with new commercial opportunities

· High level Technology & Implementation Roadmap - provide some ideas on how the implementation of the preferred solution should proceed

· Key risks of this implementation, as well as any processes/controls you would put in place to mitigate those risks. Consider both technology and business risks

Accenture will be assessing participants’ ability to think creatively and future-forward, understand how companies use and benefit from digital solutions and present with clarity and confidence.


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  • design thinking
  • business technology management
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