Create a solution for the minimization of flue-gas emissions, resulting from the supply of energy to processes.


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Environmental regulations require that flue-gas emissions (a by-product of energy generation for processes) must be minimized. An ideal strategy for reducing flue-gas emissions may consist of a combination of:

  • Alternative Fuel Sources,
  • Modifications to the utility system,
  • Modifications to the process system,
  • Efficient Heat Recovery/Cogeneration, and
  • Pre-/Post- Chemical Treatment.

The design development of such a site utility system must be done at minimum cost (i.e., minimal capital investment and minimal operating costs). Novel designs and/or retrofitted existing designs may be developed.


Create a 5-6 slide PowerPoint deck outlining your solution(s). Justify your solution(s) and claim(s).



Some of the typical pre-treatment methods for fuels are:

1) Removal of hydrogen sulphite (H2S) in natural gas before it is used in power generation since hydrogen sulphite turns to sulphur-containing flue gas after its combustion in a burner.

2) For coal power generation, coal is usually treated to remove most of its sulphur content before being used in power generation. As a result, the concentration of sulphur (in the form of SO2) in the flue gas is reduced.

For post-treatment after combustion of fuel in a burner of a power generation process, the most popular method is gas absorption. In this process the flue gas is passed through a packed column (entering the bottom of the column) where it is in contact with a liquid, and the flue gas (SO2) is absorbed into the liquid, leaving the clean gas to go out of the top of the packed column.

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