Riipen is Hiring --- Now Pitch Us Yourself & Your Ideal Job!

We are growing in every way, but we only want awesome people that are the best at what they do. Pitch us what you'd do!

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Jan 2nd - Apr 30th 2017


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Job Interview

The truth is, if you're awesome and have the skills to back it up, we'll make you fit and give you an opportunity to interview with us.


The company

Riipen is an online platform that connects students and companies via short-term, flexible, relevant, skill-specific projects. Students build their virtual portfolio while companies gain complementary skills, increased innovation, student engagement, and reduced hiring costs by proactively building their talent pool. Those companies that are hiring no longer have to sift through hundreds of generic, yet embellished and falsified resumes. Instead, they review a fraction of unique submissions that demonstrate the capability and cultural fit of the much more serious applicants.

Our Mission is Simple: Reduce Graduate Underemployment

The opportunity

Riipen is growing fast. We deal with companies, students, academic institutions, and each other! We are inherently bi-cultural, having a tech side and a business side. Both sides need to grow and fit together under one cohesive team culture.

As part of that culture of awesomeness, we've decided that we aren't going to build up our team the traditional way with prescriptive roles and responsibilities that we think you need to fit into. Instead, we have decided to let you tell us in what way you are awesome and what you would do in your ideal role at Riipen to make us become the next LinkedIn or Google. It's simple, we COULD write out 20 different job descriptions and then you COULD lie and manipulate your resume and cover letter to tell us how perfect you are for that role. But we know that's bullshit and it will just waste our time AND yours.

The project

So just get right down to it. Pitch us what specific role you think we need right now and why we just can't live without you.


Open to interpretation, but make it make sense. If you want to do Marketing, make sure it's creative and shows off a marketing skill. If you want to do Tech, make sure it's tech related and shows us you have some skills. If you think we need a traffic cop in our office to direct us where to go, send us a video with you in white gloves with a whistle.


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  • customer service
  • software development
  • web development
  • sales & marketing
  • business services
  • design & multimedia
  • administrative support


  • strategy formulation
  • pitching
  • self promotion