Github Project

Link us to your best github project that best demonstrates your skills for the Riipen platform


Weeks left

Mar 13th - May 5th 2017


Hour Estimate

Total Work



Riipen Rating and Review

You will receive a Riipen rating and review from Riipen for your work on Github Project.


Full or Part-time Job at Riipen

Top Submission(s) will be interviewed for a full/part time/internship position at Riipen.


We are hiring for our web development team.

Please submit a link to your own github repo that BEST represents that you have the skills to join the Riipen team. Please make sure your project includes a that explains the functionality of your project, as well as the necessary usability commands (how a person might implement it).

Please choose and answer 2 of the following questions:

  1. Why did you build this project? What Purpose does it serve? (300 words or less)

  2. Name 1 key challenge you faced with this project and how did you overcome it? (300 words or less)

  3. How does this project prove that you have the specific skills we are looking for (tagged above)? How does this prove you are the right fit for Riipen? (300 words or less)

  4. If you received funding to hire a team of developers to take this project to the next level, how would you explain your code and your plans for the future? (300 words or less)


  • Submit a link to one and only one github repo that shows off your skills in Ruby on Rails.

  • Submit a separate document that answers 2 of the above questions.


organization name



  • software development


  • javascript
  • api
  • node
  • express
  • react